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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  July 19, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> severe weather could move in this afternoon and blistering heat is not far behind. we have live team coverage. the heat wave is already slamming much of the country.
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>> there's nothing out there right now on the doppler radar. there is nothing popping up in terms of thunderstorms. but there is the yolo showing the temperature. it is 93 degrees already in downtown. now the sun shine will destabilize our atmosphere. that combined with the heat and should give us a few thunderstorms later on. not everyone will actually see them. there will be scattered throughout about 50% to 60% of our viewing area. large hail is the biggest threat. >> those record temperatures heading your way are already scorching much of the country. a heat wave is blanketing states from texas to minnesota. temperatures are coming past 120 degrees.
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>> the good news is that it is not too hot. we do have a little bit of that overcast. the sun is just now starting to come out. there are a lot of tourists on the national mall and they're telling me that the reason they are out today is because they know that, by the end of the week, it will be too hot to go outside. people are sweating it out across the country. our area is no exception. today we found people out on the national mall. >> i was hot. >> high humidity and triple- digit misery makes for a scorching summer. in oklahoma, 911 calls showed just how dangerous it has been. >> we had a man down due to the heat. >> in chicago they are praying
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for a cool breeze. in northern texas, it will be the 18th day in a row of triple- digit temperatures. that same batch of real heat is headed east, expected to land in our region by the end of the week. that is why this family is getting their bike ride in right now. >> especially for the children, they are very hot. the sun exacerbates it. >> local residents and tourists are preparing for what is to come known what could be -- known as what could be a rough couple of days. >> luckily those are free and air-conditioned. it is a blessing. >> i had a group of tourists from florida saying that it is hotter in d.c. than paco. but at least we -- and back home. but at least we're not in iowa where it is 126 degrees. >> for the latest on this week's
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heat wave, you can log on to our website, and checkout of the interactive seven-day forecast. and associated press source says that a virginia man has been arrested and accused of being a spy. he is identified as sayad fayad. we have breaking news out of london. a protester has disrupted hearings in the hacking scandal that has turned the media empire. a protester rest that rupert murdoch while he was being questioned by a member of the parliament. murdoch paul's wife is in the pink jacket. the suspect -- barack'smurdoch's wife
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is in a pink jacket. lawmakers asked how could the murdoch's not know about this. they said the tabloid was too small to really concerned them. >> i want to say how sorry i am. this is the most humble day of my life. >> they began with an apology. but british lawmakers showed little mercy, asking why in 2009, five of the top people directly involved with the tablet denied criminal activity. >> if there had been an investigation, no evidence had been found that anyone else was involved. clearly, that is incorrect. which of them lied to the media? >> i had to -- i do not have direct knowledge of what the new. >> they asked if a slew of legal
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cases that resulted in settlements of half a million pounds each caught their attention. >> they said that they had, but not enough to make them concerned. >> murdoch added that he only speaks with editors once a week and that many of the settlements and other expenditures were taken out of budgets that he and his son believed they could not concern themselves with. montgomery county police are investigating the crash that sent three people to the hospital including a police officer. just before midnight, a police cruiser veered out of control and slammed into a car. >> smashed and sideways, as
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police cruisers sits in the middle of this busy road after the officer lost control of the car, crashing into another. >> you heard a huge crush. >> around midnight, the officer was responding to a call, traveling southbound on cold will road in silver springs. he collided with his green toyota. the three people in the tokyo to had to be cut from the car. -- in the the toyota had to be cut from the car. that car not only collided with the police cruiser, but also ended up in his front yard. >> we thought this area was free of accidents.
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it was scary. >> the accident investigation shutdown in section of the major thoroughfare for more than nine hours, creating backups during the morning rush. >> it is incredible. >> some opted to abandon their cars all together. >> the metro is there. i could just walk up there and come back and pick this up later. >> the officer remains in the hospital. the accident remains under investigation. a major vienna road is still partially closed this man hours after emergency repairs to a water main crated a traffic mess. they began making scheduled repairs last night, but they found a leak underground. it forced northbound maple avenue to be shut down. it is not clear when the road will reopen. and the school principal in
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maryland was hospitalized after being struck by a car while riding his bike. frank fedder was on route 85. he was struck when he failed to stop at a stop sign. his injuries are not life- threatening and no charges have been filed. and an increase in rory reports on a local trill have police and the guardian angels on alert. the latest happened on monday morning. guardian angels volunteers, a picture early to patrol the trail and bring peace of mind to walkers and cyclists. >> from all the reports that have been happening, some people may be afraid to use this path to get back and forth from the metro. >> the guardian angels already patrol the drill on wednesday
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and thursday nights, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. they plan to add two additional patrols between 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. the showdown that faces a vote today on capitol hill, the house will vote on a republican bill that will let the government borrowed two $0.40 trillion more for immediate spending cuts. the time is running out to be to the august 2 deadline for the fall. democrats called the gop plan dead on arrival. >> as the clock ticks down on the nation's credit, the debt drama unfold on the house floor. >> while the house once again? responsibly, the administration will members of the plan or even save what cuts it is willing to make. >> house republicans will vote on a measure that will raise the credit limit cut two $0.40 trillion in spending, and require a constitutional amendment to amend the budget.
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>> something series must be done to amend it. frankly, it is that simple. >> it is an exercise in political theater. it has no chance in the democratic senate. president obama has vowed to veto it. >> this veto threat should make clear that this is not due to congressional inaction, but the president's unwillingness to cut spending and restrained the future growth of our government. >> the plan to cut entitlements, social security and medicare, to deep. >> we do not have too much time to play with. >> the impasse lenders as the deadline approaches on the deadline. -- approaches on a debt limit. >> so they can go back home and say that they fulfill their commitment about not raising revenues. >> to give you an idea how
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little chance this bill has senator harry reid called radical, restrictive, and draconian. d.c. mayor is defending himself once again against allegations that he accepted improper campaign donations. he was found to except cash donations above the legal limit and campaign workers and properly exchange cash for money orders which carry a higher donation limit. grace said, " i regret that unresolved issues from the campaign continue to surface -- coming up, more trouble on the control tower appeared a controller accused of being drunk at work could be back on the job. working to keep the power on. and animal friendly car is
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bringing michael vick to washington. get ready for the
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nasa's final mission to of a space is becoming to a close. the four astronauts to bid an emotional goodbye to the space station residents yesterday. the atlantis crew is due to land at kennedy space center early thursday. it will mark the end of the 30- year shuttle program. we are falling in developing story. an air-traffic controller is accused of drinking on the job. during random testing in devore,
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the 25-year veteran reportedly tested positive for alcohol. he was given a choice to resign or enter rehab. he chose rehab. the man could return to work. nfl quarterback michael vick appeared on capitol hill today. he joined the co of the humane society for a bill to fight dog and cockfighting laws. it is an unwelcome site in arizona. for the second time this month a massive dust cloud hit the city's downtown area. the national weather service says that the dust toward 3,000 feet high with wind at about 30 miles per hour doctors worry about a condition called valley fever.
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it is caused by inhaling airborne spores from desert soil. >> you do not want to be caught in the middle of that. >> when you get these thunderstorms, especially the drug wins over the desert, -- especially the dry ones over the desert the rain hits the dust and spins it up. >> we are expecting some thunderstorms here. yes. some could become severe. the biggest threat could be the large hail. this is the time lapse of this morning. notice the final few frames have the clouds clearing out. now there is hazy sunshine to deal with for the rest of the day. that is because there is high humidity in the air.
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quantico is a little bit cooler along the water. notice the dewpoint numbers. when the dewpoint gets into the 70-degree range that is when the humidity gets to present. you get the moisture in the air and the mugginess in the year. was to get into the mid-70's, that is when it is very oppressive. so you take his temperature and factor in the humidity of the dewpoint pressure and it feels like 99 degrees. that is the combination of the temperature and the humidity. we will see those he indices probably rise anywhere between 110 degrees to 150 degrees by thursday friday, and saturday afternoon. the core of it is right here in the midwest. that is from omaha set oklahoma
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city. that will continue to push eastward and come in on thursday and stick around for the first half of your weekend. we may see some more development across the region with the destabilizing at mr. this action in. two more, there is a light chance of -- destabilizing atmosphere. tomorrow, there is a slight chance of thunderstorms. and new complex of third and eighth streets will include a giant health food store and apartments. it is expected to open in 2013. trouble with tree trimming is leading to a debate. pepco claims that there have been 600 cases where.
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in the council members say that residents are justified in their complaints about the quality of pepco's tree trimming. a smithsonian research team found a 23-inch snake said on friday. it is the first time it has been found in anne arundel county waters. the fish can survive for days out of water. anyone who finds one is told to kill it and reported to maryland's department of natural resources. they have already been spotted in the potomac. coming up, where should you head for the best health care? local hospitals are topping a new list. it is the thought that counts right? a woman's best intentions left her and her fiance dangling 80
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feet in the air. later today a visit from an old friend
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two amusement ride gusts were left less than amused. the engaged couple was on this dallas ride when the cables lot. the woman's brother says that the woman took her fiancee on the ride to help conquer his fear of heights. some local hospitals receive high accolades. for the for -- for the 21st year in a row johns hopkins was named the best hospital in the country. when it comes to the best
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hospitals in the d.c. area, washington hospital center took the top spot. that is followed by georgetown university hospital and in nova i'm carla, and this is my cvs. we
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a wedding pair has the and let the story of a wedding
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crasher. it was just an eager -- it was justin beiber and his girlfriend. they were taking a stroll when they heard one of his songs played at a party. so they popped in. he was there for five minutes to 10 minutes and enough to take photographs. >> that is funny. they were playing one of his songs. >> there were walking by on the beach. that is cool. >> let's just go crashed the party. let's talk about the forecast. those who view that are the hard-core exercisers and joggers, early in the morning is the key. even then, exercise with caution because it will be monday. -- it will be muggy. friday's especially is the hottest day.
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>> it is so hot out there now.
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